Have you considered using a business rules engine to minimize the cost of software maintenence?




Do you have an intelligent view of all your corporate assets?




Are you being alerted in real-tem when operational performance is not in alignment with established expectations?




We utilize process improvement techniques to help organizations develop a continuous improvement culture and a solid structure which sustains the gains.



Delivering results on complex projects is highly dependent on the quality of resources and the operating model that those resources utilize.


A healthy economy needs a healthy financial system – it helps businesses to invest and grow, undertake day-to-day transactions and manage their risks, underpinning activity in every part of society.

After years of economic upheaval, instability in financial services has become the new normal. To thrive, you must be prepared to respond quickly and effectively to new regulation. You need to create new markets – unlocking the full potential of emerging digital channels – while keeping costs to a minimum by rethinking how your organization operates at all levels.

Achieving this will keep you one step ahead of the competition. To get you there, we pull together teams with years of experience and industry-leading expertise in banking, insurance and capital markets.

We challenge convention to produce exceptional results with lasting impact.


In health care today, scientific and technological frontiers are expanding at unprecedented rates even as economic and financial pressures shrink profit margins, intensify competition and constrain the funds available for investment.

Healthcare is the most important service to any nation, which means it is constantly being buffered by change. In the US and aboard, healthcare providers and commissioners are facing unprecedented challenges. CognitiveOps can help you navigate through these and become a cutting edge commissioner or provider who can surf the wave of change effortlessly.

CognitiveOps has particular expertise in helping healthcare providers and healthcare commissioners research, select, deploy and upgrade healthcare IT solutions. We can help you take a complex IT installation and turn it into a robust, user-friendly and target-hitting solution for your hospital, clinic or practice. Where healthcare and technology meet, CognitiveOps is the go-to organization.


With our experience and an in-depth knowledge of all City and State governmental agencies, boards and legislative bodies, CognitiveOPS navigates the complexities of government to deliver pragmatic, cost effective results to clients. In advising clients on how to formulate and achieve specific government relations objectives, our overriding goal is to enhance their reputation with public sector decision makers.

We begin each engagement by helping clients define their objectives and then advise them on how to align their products or services with relevant governmental goals to achieve success. Pursuing governmental approvals or resources that may be accessible to clients requires careful analysis of regulatory and legislative issues to ensure that clients are well prepared to participate in the public approval process. The firm insists on providing accurate, credible information to key elected officials and their staffs and in building coalitions with interest groups that share common objectives with clients.


CognitiveOPS provides commercial real estate consulting services and solutions to many prominent investment and commercial banks, governmental agencies, insurance companies, opportunity funds, institutional investors, and real estate developers and has evolved into a multi-dimensional service provider for the lending and real estate industry.

As such, the CognitiveOPS team is experienced in underwriting and analyzing portfolio and one-off transactions of diverse property types—from shopping centers and regional malls to office and industrials buildings, multifamily housing, healthcare facilities and self storage assets.


We keep construction management at the core of our business because it relies on fresh thinking and collaboration from the start—both key parts of our values. In the US and around the world, we deliver the same quality of service that earned our international reputation, emphasising transparency, collaboration and mutual benefit.

CognitiveOps provides multi-disciplinary advice for all types of buildings and constructions and we actively develop a close liaison with all members of the design and construction team.



We specialize in utilizing Lean, enterprise architecture and project portfolio management

We enable clients to optimize employee productivity and reduce administrative costs

CognitiveOPS, Inc. is a management consulting and investment services company led by Derrick Robinson.

Our goal is to help our clients control process quality, improve operating profitability and make sound investments for growth.



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