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PPM is a necessity, not a luxury. At CognitiveOPS we understand how to set up a good, fast, and inexpensive program that will make the best use of pricey IT resources, without costly specialized software. Your company is moving quickly to adjust to changing market conditions, tougher competition, regulatory pressures, or all of the above. Business leaders have requested dozens of new tech projects, all on tight timeframes, but no one is supplementing your limited resources.

Oh, and you need to keep normal operations up and running. Sound familiar? There always seems to be more project work to be done than the resources necessary to accomplish it. The answer is prioritization, facilitated by project management offices (PMOs) that identify and prioritize the initiatives that best align with company strategy. However, a PMO is often viewed as a luxury item, especially in smaller companies — which is a shame, because they face the same challenges and competitive pressures as larger businesses.

Think a formal PMO requires pricey dedicated resources and sophisticated software tools to be effective? Not so. Yes, building a viable project management and prioritization capability takes time and effort, but it doesn’t have to be an expensive and daunting task.

CognitiveOPS believes managing a project portfolio requires a transparent, fluid prioritization methodology that responds to changes in the business and ensures that resources are aligned with goals and strategy. There’s a limit to how much capital any company can invest and how much change it can absorb. A working prioritization process lets the organization focus on the most important initiatives and quickly shift resources to the next priority as they become available.

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