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Build Your Business Process Capability with Decision Management

Most organizations model and manage their business processes. Business process analysis and business process management systems helps organizations focus on an end-to-end set of activities that deliver business value. There are many benefits of a business process focus such as consistency, improved customer experience, reduced costs and increased agility. However many business processes quickly become complex impeding the desired benefits.

In our work with clients we see two specific ways in which processes become complex:

  1. Most business processes involve decision-making. When organizations try and capture this decision-making in their business process the result is a complex process with many branches that make it hard to follow and hard to change. Embedding decision making makes the process complex.

  2. Some organizations try to use business rules to address this complexity but the business rules are spread throughout the process. This node has a few rules, that node has a few more. While this can remove some of the branching complexity it adds another kind of complexity as the rules rapidly become hard to manage.

Both the business rule and software development industry are entering an exciting new era of business agility, accelerated deployment, and enterprise-wide optimization. There is a growing appreciation of the value of business rules as independent statements of reusable business logic across the enterprise. Business rules are key enablers of the service-oriented architecture (SOA) and a critical component for enterprise SOA (ESOA). The business rules approach is creating a sea of change in how corporations will build and maintain their core business systems. This change arises from the performance, cost, and ease-of-use of the best business rule management systems.


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