What Do We Offer?

Automate, track and easily change your common activities

CognitiveOPS helps organizations to transform paper-intensive manual processes via automated workflow solutions that increase process throughput, improve accuracy, and meet compliance targets.

Our Workflow Management System service offerings provides an infrastructure to setup, execute, and monitor scientific workflows. In other words, the WMS provide an environment where in silico experiments can be defined and executed. An important function of an WMS during the workflow execution, or enactment, is the coordination of operation of individual components that constitute the workflow – the process also often referred to as orchestration.

Additional difficulties arise from the need to deal with the incompatible data formats that various services produce or consume. It is evident that considerable amount of computer science knowledge is required to overcome the outlined problems.

The CognitiveOPS workflows program is positioned to solve this problem and provide an easy-to-use way of specifying the tasks that have to be performed during a specific in silico experiment. With CognitiveOPS , business routines become more streamlined, more accurate and faster. Invoice processing and approval, recruiting and onboarding, travel and expense, legal and regulatory compliance — virtually any process can be captured in and improved on with workflow management.

CognitiveOPS also lets you:

  • Create, manage and modify simple and complex workflow processes via an intuitive workflow interface
  • Build powerful document routing rules using ordinary language
  • Adapt and scale workflows to meet evolving business needs

We energize existing routines, improving productivity and speeding document processing. Benefits materialize quickly as documents, videos and other business content are directed automatically to the right place at the right time — simplifying collaboration and improving efficiency throughout your organization.



We specialize in utilizing Lean, enterprise architecture and project portfolio management

We enable clients to optimize employee productivity and reduce administrative costs

CognitiveOPS, Inc. is a management consulting and investment services company led by Derrick Robinson.

Our goal is to help our clients control process quality, improve operating profitability and make sound investments for growth.