What Do We Offer?

The Process of Improving

CognitiveOps is passionate about waste. We hate it. Waste erodes your company's value, it erodes customer satisfaction and it erodes employee morale. Our aim is to help you eradicate waste from your organization. Using Continuous Improvement methodology, Lean and Six Sigma tools we can help you develop a better understanding of your business value streams, help identify areas of non-value added activity, and facilitate your journey to delivering permanent and sustainable change.

CognitiveOps is specialized in Lean Six Sigma training and deployment. We focus on knowledge transfer to organizations which have the sole ambition to perform at a world-class excellence level. Deploying Lean Six Sigma comes with training, coaching and creating a Lean Six Sigma structure. This deployment also includes embedding a culture of continuous improvement. We aim to assist your organization in learning how to improve processes using the Lean Six Sigma methodology.

CognitiveOps has experienced Master Black Belts and consultants who are able to support and consult organizations to deploy Lean Six Sigma. Our network of Master Black Belts will train, coach and certify the Belts to become valuable process improvers. They also work with the executive management and project owners enabling them to facilitate their Belts and maintain the Lean Six Sigma infrastructure.

A Lean Six Sigma (continuously improvement) organization is an organization that:

  • Has insight into its processes and knows how they add value for the client.

  • Has made the performance (and variations) of these processes measurable.

  • Uses these presentations and variations as a starting point for continuous improvement with Lean Six Sigma.

  • Has created awareness about waste and client value throughout all levels.

Your organization cannot achieve the above-mentioned ambitions in one day, but can grow in that direction. CognitiveOps leads you step by step along this route. We will together with you chose one or more improvement projects in the first phase and we will train the first Lean Six Sigma Black or Green Belts. In this way your own people are the ambassadors within the organization and the results of the projects ensure internal conviction.


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We specialize in utilizing Lean, enterprise architecture and project portfolio management

We enable clients to optimize employee productivity and reduce administrative costs

CognitiveOPS, Inc. is a management consulting and investment services company led by Derrick Robinson.

Our goal is to help our clients control process quality, improve operating profitability and make sound investments for growth.