What Do We Offer?

Retain and Extend the Value of Your History

This service is designed to help organizations investigate the various options available for deriving further benefit from the significant investment already made in their ageing strategic applications.  Once the options have been identified, CognitiveOps can then work in partnership with clients to assist them in successfully delivering the most suitable modernization strategy for each application.

As is the case with many legacy applications that have been refined over a number of years, the existing functionality has high intrinsic value and provides specific business benefits for the organization. Retention of this functionality is therefore essential within any modernization initiative, but must be weighed against the costs. The primary issues and risks often derive from the technology platform on which the applications are based. Examples of issues that lead to higher cost of administration are technology that will be unsupported, development languages that suffer from diminishing skills availability, or applications that have a user interface that is out of date which adds to the inefficiencies.

These issues, and many others, can be resolved through modernization of the applications or the underlying technology.  The end result is application solutions that retain all of the existing proven functionality and quality, are better positioned to align to the future needs of the business while taking advantage of contemporary application platform technologies.

Our service has been developed using industry leading tools and a proven delivery methodology. Our teams all use the same baseline methods to implement our industrialized capabilities. This means that we can leverage resources, experience and skills across the globe to assist clients in the successful delivery of a modernization project.

Our partner network also has a deep and varied set of skills, tools and techniques that gives CognitiveOps access to even greater capabilities and allows us to offer several options to move legacy applications forward. This extensive experience means we now have the capability to solve most of the legacy modernization technology challenges that are currently prevalent in a typical application portfolio.


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We specialize in utilizing Lean, enterprise architecture and project portfolio management

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CognitiveOPS, Inc. is a management consulting and investment services company led by Derrick Robinson.

Our goal is to help our clients control process quality, improve operating profitability and make sound investments for growth.