What Do We Offer?

When Point-To-Point Integration Isn't Good Enough

CognitiveOPS assists companies in defining, designing and implementing system integration solutions that win. Achieving unification among business applications is no easy task—especially in document-intensive environments that require finding the right information at the right time. Incompatible software and processes often cause employees to search among several applications just to retrieve necessary data. CognitiveOPS eliminates such hassles by seamlessly integrating document management technology with existing applications, allowing the sharing of information via a well-integrated, synchronized system.

Application integration services can offer your business the means to modernize, consolidate, and coordinate operations in your enterprise.
Ayoka’s application integration services consist of data integration services, enterprise integration services, and systems integration services.
These application integration services will allow your enterprise to:

  1. Update existing or legacy applications to “talk” to other applications
  2. Integrate web-based features into older desktop applications and
  3. Collaborate with CognitiveOPS application integration services team to synchronize your business processes with technology making your organization more competitive and responsive to change.

Our application integration services team provides a customer focused alternative to procuring application integration services from a conventional U.S. based conglomerate, such as IBM, HP, or Dell, that offers application integration services as a small part of their overall organization. In addition, Ayoka’s employees are all located here in the U.S., which improves communications enabling our application integration services to help you to create a leaner, more agile enterprise


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We specialize in utilizing Lean, enterprise architecture and project portfolio management

We enable clients to optimize employee productivity and reduce administrative costs

CognitiveOPS, Inc. is a management consulting and investment services company led by Derrick Robinson.

Our goal is to help our clients control process quality, improve operating profitability and make sound investments for growth.